04/03/09: If you haven't already, please check out GameInfinite owner's personal website at for free fiction with author interaction. We promise you won't be dissappointed. Also, if you're in the mood for a good read please visit Thanks, and we look forward to bringing you news about Project Exitium soon!

01/12/08: Item delivery service has been shut down, most likely for good. We very much appreciate all the loyal customers over the years and enjoyed the experiences we shared. However the owner (Emperor) is in the process of converting GameInfinite into an independent game developing company. We're working on a shoot 'em up code named Exitium. We will keep you updated on the progress. We want to enter the world of game developing with a bang, so we'll be working vigorously for the next year. We hope to have the beta tests conducted this summer and the first complete version of the game done by the holiday season. Once again, for all our customers/fans who have been with us since the days of D2LegitWarehouse we thank you and hope you stay with us. For now, the forums have been temporarily shut down and the site will have game related news. Thank you all and we look forward to many years of gaming together in the future.

07/07/06: GameInfinite is back up and running! We are revamping the MMORPG sections and they should be up within a few weeks.
05/09/06: Prices dropped dramatically across the board! We are now overall the cheapest item site on the net! An amazing account is available for east ladder customers located here.

     Here at GameInfinite our goal is to create a site not just for our items service, but for every gamer of every console. Our goal is transform GameInfinite into a website where you'll go to see the latest news in the gaming world, communicate with your fellow gamers, read the latest reviews and more. In the end, our desire is to help the entire gaming scene move forward. We've battled Mephisto in Diablo 2, we've crashed cars in Grand Theft Auto 3, and we've gotten plenty of frags in Counter-Strike. We now wish to give something back to the growing, dedicated and awesome community which has given us so many good experiences, we are GameInfinite.

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